Review: Wool & Prince Better Button Down

Full disclosure: I got this Wool and Prince Better Button Down for free in exchange for an honest review, but I don’t get paid commissions if you buy one. As with all of our reviews on est2010, we only endorse products we actually love.

In preparation for this big trip, my wife gave me some amazing pants from Bluffworks, and after I few weeks of wearing them I tweeted about how much I liked them. Their marketing team got back to me and I then asked what other indispensable gear they recommended. They pointed me toward Wool & Prince’s Better Button Down.

W&P was kind enough to gift me one of my choosing. I’ve been traveling for almost a year now months now, and it has been my only long sleeve shirt the entire time. I’ve worn it at least a hundred times – hiking, fine dining, kayaking, wine tasting, museums – and it is still going strong. Here’s why I like it so much:

That's me, at the incredible Monastery in Lisbon

That’s me, at the incredible Monastery in Lisbon

Almost zero body odor stench

I’m super sweaty. Any polyester on me quickly amplifies my stench, and cotton isn’t much better. But this shirt is made of wool, which doesn’t take on the odor. It is currently in the clean clothes section of my bag, but I’ve worn it a half dozen times since its last washing. Amazing.

It makes me look good

Most of the time I am happy with a casual look, but being around all the shmancy-pants people in Europe means I’d feel under-dressed with my usual t-shirt plan. The cut is good, it looks nice un-tucked, but it is long enough to tuck in (which looks pretty good with my charcoal Bluffworks).

Impeccable button placement

I can’t be the only person who thinks that on a typical dress shirt, the second button never hits in the right spot. The Better Button Down doesn’t have that issue, and it is a point of pride for their designers. Leave that top button undone with confidence.

New Zealand, in Queenstown

New Zealand, in Queenstown

It works in hot or cold weather

I’m writing this from a train near Seville, where the current temperature is 88*F, but yesterday I wore the shirt comfortably. In a polyester or blend dress shirt I’d be pitting out in minutes.

Wool & Prince: Better Button Down – Conclusion

The only downside to this shirt is the price, but it is comfortably cheaper and classier than Icebreaker or other competitors. If you’re planning to do a variety of activities for an extended trip, I can’t recommend it enough.

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Same outfit, in Bordeaux to explore the great Cathedral of Saint Andre

Same outfit, in Bordeaux to explore the great Cathedral of Saint Andre









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