Getting from Punta Arenas to Puerto Williams, to Ushuaia, and back via Boat

There is a 13 hour bus from Punta Arenas, Chile to Ushuaia, Argentina. But we didn’t want a long bus ride, and we wanted to visit Puerto Williams, Chile. (Puerto Williams is across the Beagle Channel, from Ushuaia and much smaller.) We found a way to get to Ushuaia, via Puerto Williams… by boat.

Step 1: Punta Arenas to Puerto Williams (or Puerto Williams to Punta Arenas)

What: Passenger & Cargo Ferry from the Company Austral Broom
Cost: (as of March 2016) 100,000 CLP per person for semi-cama, 142,000 CLP for cama (difference explained below)
Length: 30 hours approx.

2016_03_15 07_25_34-03

Tabsa runs a ferry about once a week between Punta Arenas and Puerto Williams. It takes about 30 hours to make the journey, and costs 100,000 Chilean Pesos, minimum (semi-cama). For 142,000 pesos you can get the “full cama,” a seat which reclines completely. Be warned, the boat is really loud, and they put the Full Cama area in the back of the boat near the engines. If you’re at the back of the Cama section, you’ll be rattled into oblivion. The best seats in Cama are in row 31 on the right side, but if you’re able to sleep while only 45 degrees reclined, you should save the money and do the semi-cama.

We picked Cama seats, pictured below:

2016_03_14 08_33_30-03
Food Situation:
The boat does serve meals, but “adequate” would be a generous word to describe the food. I highly recommend bringing some apples, cookies, nuts, etc in order to have something to eat. They apparently don’t have refrigeration on board, which limits the options. However, the empanadas for dinner weren’t terrible.

2016_03_14 09_05_58-03
The Scenery:
The passage is really beautiful. If you’re lucky enough to have good weather it would be amazing. A few seals played around the boat for us. We didn’t see whales but apparently sometimes they show up. There is space above decks to sit and enjoy the view.

2016_03_14 10_21_34-03

Crucial Booking Info

Tabsa Website (Austral Broom)
The Boat / Ferry
The contact page doesn’t work. I was helped (in English) by Alejandra:

Step 2: Puerto Williams to Ushuaia (and Ushuaia to Puerto Williams)

What: 1.5 hour minibus and 45 minute boat ride
Cost: (as of March 2016) $120 USD
Booking: Contact Jose Luis via email:

2016_03_17 17_29_04-03
A boat service runs to Ushuaia from Puerto Williams Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, unless the weather interferes, or maybe there’s a protest. The cost is 120USD (or equivalent CLP) and the same price applies for the Ushuaia–>Puerto Williams route.
2016_03_17 17_19_20-03
I highly recommend giving yourself a few days of cushion to allow this passage to happen. We arrived in Puerto Williams at the same time as another traveler (pictured above); he had booked a flight out of Ushuaia the next day. He was counting on the morning sailing from Puerto Williams. The crossing was cancelled, and he missed his flight.

2016_03_17 17_42_42-03_002

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Author: Matt

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  • Phil

    HI Matt,

    Great post!!! One question, how did you deal with customs? Is there an official boarder crossing or do you just cross without getting a stamp?



  • Hey Phil, on the Argentina side you will get a stamp. They take your passports from you while on the boat and return them upon landing.

  • Phil

    Thanks a lot for your quick answer. Any idea how this works from Argentina to Chile? We are thinking about doing your trip but the other way around.


  • I think it’s gonna be almost identical. Instead of taking the boat/company I took, you’ll take their partner’s company. I don’t remember the name, but if you contact Jose Luis (his info is above) he can point you in the right direction. (or maybe you’ve already got the other company’s name.)

    I will say: it’s worth every penny. The crossing is a blast, and Puerto Williams is a great place. Make sure you visit Residencial Pusaki for dinner, even if you’re not staying there. Just stop in during the day or the night before to make a dinner reservation. It’s a communal dinner of absolutely amazing food (king crab, steak, etc).

  • Phil

    Awesome info! This really helps. I will contact Jose Luis.



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