About Us

Matt and Katy Bowers

In September 2010, we got married (aka established) in Seattle, WA. Since then, we’ve bought 2 houses, Katy has held 3 jobs, and Matt has broken 5 bones.

In March 2015 we quit our jobs, rented out our house and went traveling full time. Our goal was to make it all the way around the world in one year. About 4 months into the trip, the plan changed. The world is too big to make it around in one year. So we slowed down in order to enjoy more things, and made the decision to skip Asia- for now. We finished up our trip in July 2016 and went home to Seattle, making our adventure 17 months long.

This blog is our way of documenting, and commenting on, this adventure we took around the world.

In case you’re interested in more things about us as people… keep reading.

Things we like

2014 World Champion Seattle Seahawks
Seattle Sounders FC (we have season tickets)
University of Washington Football (alma mater)

The City called Seattle
Buying houses, and then renting them out
Jesus’s redeeming love

Career (!?)

Matt: LinkedIn
University of Washington Grad, Zillow Alum

Katy: LinkedIn
University of Washington Grad, CPA, Tableau Alum

Link to FAQs from our travels