A post about wine (and friends)

We have now been to all the famous wine regions of the world: Italy, France, Spain, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, Chile and California. Apparently Italy, France, and Spain make almost half of all the wine in the world.

As we traveled through these regions, we made sure to visit wineries and taste the local wines. I would love to write you a post about how I learned the grapes, vineyards and vintages and could now go to the store and pick out a fantastic bottle just by knowing the region and year. However, I regret to say this is not the case. Just as before, I will be deliberating between the cheap red wines on sale at the supermarket when we get home.

But the unexpected result of my quest to taste all the wines, is a group of wonderful new friends all over the world. I love a good glass of red wine. And if you know Matt… well then you know how much he loves talking to people. The combination has landed us in some pretty funny situations. The best times are when the strangers turn into friends over a glass or two of wine.

Gallery of new friendships formed over vino (and sometimes beer):

And a gallery of bottles (yes most were shared):


Author: Katy

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