FAQs that others ask us

I compiled a short list of the most commonly asked questions of us, once people learn we’ve been traveling for over a year. I thought it was interesting.

Where is your favorite place?
We always qualify this answer because it’s actually impossible for us to pick. This is the short answer:
Favorite City: Istanbul
Favorite Countries: New Zealand, South Africa, Norway
Newest Addition to the List: Patagonia
(click the links to read some of our stories from these places)

Are you ever going home?
Yes. We love Seattle and it will always be home. Plus, that’s where most of our friends and family live. Right now, we plan on heading home around August 2016.

Where is the best food?
South Africa. Reason: we love steak and wine and they take their steak and wine very seriously – oh, and it’s cheap if you have US dollars.

Is South Africa safe?
Yes, but use common sense. Don’t wander around “exploring” the city after dark and don’t get out of your car in the wild game parks. You might get eaten by a lion.

Where do you stay?
In Europe, Airbnb dominated. In South Africa, the hostels were great. And in South America the hospedaje has been our first choice. We never go to big hotels, and in hostels we always get the private room.

Who’s idea was it to travel?
Me, it was my big idea. Matt loves travelling, but he wouldn’t have quit his job if it wasn’t for me. I have dreamed of travelling the world since I was a teenager, and we finally had the chance to make it happen.


Author: Katy

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