Review: SunGod’s Super Durable Polarized Travel Sunglasses

Full Disclosure: We reached out to SunGod asking to test out their Classics2 travel sunglasses, and were given 2 pairs in exchange for an honest review. If you buy them through the links below, we get a small cut of the profits and we’d really appreciate it. However, we’d never recommend something we don’t truly like, and I feel very confident recommending these shades.

Too Lazy, Don’t Wanna Read?

  • SunGod Classics2… they look good!
  • The world looks good while you wear them
  • They stand up to travel
  • The price is right
  • Buy them if: you’re into the RayBan Wayfarer style of shades, and you want something that will stand up to abuse, these are a good buy.
  • Don’t buy them if: you’re looking for something to block the wind from your eyes.


The Ray Ban Wayfarer is to sunglasses design as the Beatles are to music. And like many, many shades you can find today, SunGod Classics2 design is heavily influenced by the Wayfarers. Tom Cruise rocked Wayfarers in Risky Business before I was born.

I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. For travel, I hate bringing along things that make me look like a rich foreigner. Sunglasses like this tend to blend in with the crowd because of how many cheapo shades have this design. They have done a great job making them more modern and sporty.

G0080663Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentine Patagonia


I can wear these all day without my nose or ears getting uncomfortable. SunGod has done a great job giving them a modern and sporty feel. The plastic parts are well contoured for your face.

Things that break these travel sunglasses

All sunglasses are breakable, but I’m really impressed with these. The pins are usually what I break first, and they seem really solid so far. I haven’t been gentle. The frames themselves… well… look what I can do:

So far:

  • I’ve put them at the bottom of my day bag twice
  • Dropped them from shoulder height

I’ll keep adding to this list as they survive life and death situations.


I’ve owned expensive Oakleys, Maui Jims, and Costa del Mar… these aren’t up to that level. But they’re impressively, surprisingly good for the price, with quality polarization as well. If my Maui Jims are 4.5 stars for optics, these are a 3.5.


At 45 GBP (about 65 USD) I think these are a great value. You could buy some crappy brittle polarized shades of Amazon you’re going to spend at least $20, maybe $25. I can’t recommend SunGod’s shades more at this price.

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At Lago de Los Tres wearing Sungod Classics Travel Sunglasses

At Lago de Los Tres, in Argentine Patagonia

Author: Matt

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