I Bought a Machete so We Could Crack Open Coconuts

As a kid I always wanted a machete to attack the backyard stickerbushes, but the closest I ever got (as far as I can remember) was buying a chef’s knife at a garage sale. Well I bought one today. And our Togolese friend wouldn’t let me use it.

We’re visiting Katy’s missionary cousins in Togo right now, and last Sunday Phil received a generous gift of coconuts from a local congregation. Today I acquired the machete and went outside to hack at some coconuts. Agbe, who works as a guard for the Malcolms, actually wouldn’t let me do it. He did the first one and I said, “okay, my turn.” He flat refused. Apparently I would cut off a finger or something.
coconuts coconuts2 coconuts3


Author: Matt

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