3 Days in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is not really a tourist destination, but it is home to a very large airport. We flew on Condor for a mere $420 one way. And that is how, one fine Wednesday, we found ourselves in Frankfurt.

Frankfurt is a great city, about the same size as Seattle, with a river running through it. We had a very fun time, as we prepared to set off to Portugal.

We arrived totally jet-lagged, because neither of us are good at sleeping when our bodies thought it was 3pm. So it was 9am in Frankfurt, the German train workers were on strike, we had just pulled an all-nighter, and we still had to find our hostel in the red light district.

Once we found our bed for the next few nights, we crashed and had a “quick” 3 hour nap. Then we set off to find our only friends in Frankfurt and eat dinner. Marisa and Rodrigo (and Lexi the dog) introduced us to Apfelwein and Green Sauce at Lohrberg Park, which also has an amazing view of the city.


DSC03565 DSC03569


Day one was a success.

Day two was a 5 hour walking tour that only cost 9 Euros, with Frankfurt on Foot, our guide was Dave. I thought the tour was great and would highly recommend it to anyone with a day in the city.

We did some more wandering through Frankfurt, Apfelwein tasting, and wurst eating. Then bused out to the Frankfurt – Hahn airport (which is actually 2 hours away from Frankfurt) to spend the night in the hotel airport since our flight to Portugal was 6:45 am the next day. We discovered you can get beer from the vending machine in the hotel. Awesome.

Römerberg plaza:



Old Opera house:


Oldest remaining original construction of a half timbered house:DSC03589

“Cathedral” this is the one Heidi climbed up to look for her grandfather in the Alps. It’s not actually used as a church.


DSC03636More Yummy lunch:

Anne Frank Memorial stone in the Frankfurt memorial gardens:2015-05-08-13h00m45

Apvelwein drinking:


View from a river cruise:


Train Station:DSC03578

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